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A key purpose of my role is to inspire young people to succeed and enable them to make the right decisions at key transition points in their education, training and work life.

I help young people understand themselves better and together we set clear goals and expectations about their futures.

I am genuine in my support. This is not just a job to me, I really do want the best for each young person that I see and will work tirelessly in supporting them to achieve their goals.


  • I speak in a way that a young person will understand.

  • I am honest and empathetic

  • I ask questions to get to the root of an issue

  • I enable the young person to find their own solution

  • I suggest and advise but never tell

  • I accept and do not judge

  • I am an advocate and a mentor

An essential skill that will influence ones ability to have a fulfilling and meaningful life and career is the ability to know yourself. When you can identify and appreciate what your true skills, strengths and abilities are as well as understand your values and beliefs it is easier to set realistic goals and find suitable jobs that fit you best. 

Successful career planning to find suitable employment follows a process. which can be seen in the diagram below.






Key steps in successful career planning include:

Reflecting – This involves you thinking about what makes you tick; what makes you, You; what your interests and skills are and why; as well as the things you are not so good at or just don’t enjoy doing? 

Exploring – This involves finding out about different jobs and careers, what they entail, what qualifications you need to get into them, whether or not there are work/training schemes on offer, which companies have these kinds of positions and what are you wanting from a job or company (other than a good salary!)?  

Planning – Then finally you can sort the different options open to you and put them into an order of preference; decide what steps you need to take and plan how you can improve your chances of success when applying for work or training positions.

Self-Development Coaching of Transferable Soft Skills 

With both my career coaching / job search support and job seekers with SEND offerings I provide self-development coaching. This can cover a range of soft-skills, which will likely be related to your attitude, disposition and personality. Soft skills make a huge difference to our lives because they help us in work, in relationships and with our overall happiness. Examples include (but are not limited to): confidence building; public speaking; resilience; asserting yourself; managing conflict; managing time and managing relationships. Together we will look at your soft skills, identifying your strengths and areas that need development in relation to whatever transition you are facing.  


In summary Career Coaching can help you:

  • Increase your employability

  • Gain a better understanding of yourself

  • Identify possible career paths and opportunities 

  • Create or update and improve your CV/cover letter and job search skills

  • Boost your confidence and motivation to get a job you will enjoy

  • Develop the professional image you wish to portray to prospective employers

  • Be creative with your job-hunting techniques

  • Find voluntary work to boost skills and confidence

  • Build new networks and improve your networking skills to find those jobs in the Hidden Jobs Market

  • Use social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to market your skills and find job opportunities

  • Practise answering interview questions that will make you stand out

  • Find vocational training opportunities and apprenticeships

The image shows the different stages that go into the Career Planning Process
Career Planning Process
Picture of someone holding a small card in their hand saying Ask the Expert
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