My clients are based all over England and cover a wide age range although I do seem to get more coming to me for help between the ages of 16-30. 


Many clients that come to me either have Dyslexia, Dyspraxia or some other learning difference or disability. They struggle with applications, forget what they done previously, which makes interviews more challenging and have concerns about working for employers who won't understand them & their differences, and therefore might not support them well.


I also work with employers to ensure their recruitment methods are inclusive and when one of my clients is successful in getting hired I can work more in an advocacy role ensuring that useful adjustments are considered and put into practice to help make the transition into work as smooth as possible for everyone involved.



Dyslexia, Social Anxiety

You've done more for me in 5 weeks  of coaching than 6 years with the job centre and the other recruitment & charity people have done for me.

It makes me laugh when I see all the skills I have cos I didn't see them like that. I didn't realise employers were like interested in those!


Dyslexia, Aspergers

I felt you got me and you helped me understand how things work in the office. You got me to see what was happening much more clearly and it was helpful to talk through all the issues I was having.

The values exercise was the thing that made me realise whilst London was great for my career it was not where I was happy.

It is so nice to finally work for an employer who gets me and I feel they are really doing their best for me.  The move away from London was the best thing I ever did. I can now manage my anxiety and feel happy with my life . I actually have a social life now. 


Brain Injury, Dyslexia, Social Anxiety

I honestly thought no employer would want me as I don't have any qualifications or work experience.

Even charities who are meant to get people like me into work gave up on me when they could not place me. I felt totally useless & unemployable. 

You pushed me out of my comfort zone and things are working out ok. I am really enjoying my work experience in Retail (though customers still make me nervous) and I am thinking I might go to college to get some basic qualifications .

Am I ready for paid work? Not sure just yet but things are moving in the right direction. 


Dyslexia, Anxiety 

You've really helped me to understand what I value in life and work and how this can translate into the jobs and companies I want to work for.  

Also I can now see that I have the power to choose the right kind of companies for me, companies who will support me rather than me just thinking I have to take whatever job I am given.

You have also helped me see my skills from the point of view of the employer and I know how to sell these properly now.


Dyslexia, Depression, Anxiety

Thank you so much this experience has been life changing. I mean it. As a career changer I felt lost, under-confident and unmotivated.

You have helped me to see me as an Artist. I am an Artist!

My CV now reflects the new me and knowing how to write a Cover letter & what a potential employer wants to read about was incredible. 

With your help I have found myself work experience where I am doing what I love and I am learning so much.

Thank you for all your time and effort. I know what I need to do going forward and feel so much more confident about it.




Nobody got me to move forwards with anything apart from you.  The voluntary job might seem nothing to most but to me it was a massive step.

I liked working with you. You listened & I knew you really cared.