What is coaching & how does it help

young adults?

Coaching helps to unlock a person’s potential.

​Coaching can inspire a young person because it highlights the possibilities and

the realistic steps required to achieve them.

Coaching focuses on the young person's goals - supporting and encouraging the

individual to explore their capabilities and motivating them to improve their own

performance: in other words, helping them to grow, learn and develop as a person.

​Coaching in general can help a young person understand himself or herself better

so they can:

  •       Build independence and resilience

  •       Improve self-confidence and self-esteem

  •       Manage difficult emotions

  •       Identify triggers to negative behaviours and learn how to manage or avoid them

  •       Learn how to build better relationships with others

​All of these skills are crucial if someone is to enter the workplace and make a success of it. It's not just about putting together a CV and answering a few questions at interview.

​The key for young people and their parents/carers is not to give up or fear failure. In fact, changing the way we perceive failure is really important, because failure isn’t really failure unless you stop trying! 

​When a young person is looking for a job they think they will enjoy (rather than just getting any old job), attitude and persistence is EVERYTHING. If we build our young people to have a positive outlook on challenge, so they have a "I'm going to try my best, no matter what" attitude, a young person can go so much further. I would coach them to not give up their hopes and dreams if they fall at the first hurdle. We can learn so much from the times we don't get things right.

However, for the coaching relationship to work and for you to succeed, a good coach believes that you (the client), with a little help, has the ability to find the right answer. Therefore I won't be doing it all for you as that will dis-empower you which is counterproductive. I will help you find the answer by reviewing, checking, monitoring, guiding and encouraging you.

​Coaching is not a miraculous cure-all or a silver bullet. It simply ensures that you are developing the skills to cope with whatever twists and turns life may throw at you.