Career and Life Coaching will inspire you to maximise your personal and professional potential. You are the expert of your life and I believe that with specialist professional support and guidance you are creative and resourceful enough to find your own solutions.

Coaching is an investment with a return, however it does need a willingness from the client to commit to the process of transformation and change.

Those clients that sign up to a minimum of 3 months coaching tend to take their coaching journeys more seriously and therefore get better results.

Coaching can be provided by whichever medium you prefer;

  • Face-to-face,

  • Telephone

  • Zoom,

  • Additional contact/support to be given when required as per our agreement.

A 20 minute chat is always offered to any client thinking of having coaching.

I offer this because it provides an ideal opportunity to discuss what you hope to achieve as a result of coaching, the specifics of how we might get you there and which potential package might suit you best. It gives you the opportunity to ask me any questions you may about the process, how I work, my success rates with clients and very importantly to see whether you would like me as your coach. 


Other terms:

  • Where coaching is provided face-to-face, any associated travel costs would be charged on top of the set fee.

  • ​Where overnight travel is required in order to provide a request for face-to-face coaching a different fee structure would need to be agreed. Travel and hotel accommodation costs would also be charged.

  • ​If you choose to use Telephone Coaching then phone calls are paid for by the client because the client calls me on a landline number, which is provided once the coaching service has been agreed.

  • Payment will be by bank transfer (unless otherwise agreed) in advance of the coaching session. 

  • Email support is provided throughout as required.


Next Steps

To find out more about the coaching packages I offer 

Don't forget to book your free 20 minute chat to discuss your goals and find out what support I can offer to help you to achieve these. 

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