Inclusive Employers
Who Embrace Difference

Disability is often the result of disabling environments - whether that be in work or within the education system.

I am a passionate advocate of disability, equality and inclusion and have made it part of my mission to 1) Educate employers on why it makes such good business sense to be an inclusive employer and how they can go about becoming one 2) To inspire job seekers with differences young and old to expect more from the jobs market. To expect a work environment where they can thrive and achieve in a career they want and deserve.

The lack of understanding around disability and difference creates bias and barriers to the jobs market for so many and there is no room for this outdated way of doing business in 2021 and beyond!

I hope my videos go some way to show that there are some great employers who do inclusion well.  These companies tend to get the pick of the talent that is being missed & rejected by other organisation's who have outdated or biased perspectives and processes.