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The world of work is changing fast, jobs for life are becoming rare and sectors bloom and fade with an increasingly globalised world market, all the while technology is transforming lives at an increasing rate.


So we need to make sure that our young people are ready to grasp the opportunities available in the world of work by understanding and exploring the old & new jobs that are out there and hopefully creating their own opportunities too.


As a parent/carer, you will want the best for your children, this includes supporting them to make choices at 14, 16 and 18 and throughout their early careers. The AllAboutSchoolLeavers survey results                     showed that in 2016 78.5% of students said their parents were the ones to help them make their career decisions. This highlights how important it is for you to either understand all of the options yourself or for you to find a service that will provide them with the assistance they need.

​The survey also highlighted that SALARY was the most important consideration when students were looking at school leaver opportunities but as I often point out, the starting salary is not always a good indicator of salary progression rates once in the job and after gaining in experience.

​I am frequently contacted by parents who don't understand all the job and career options available and am then asked to help their child who either has no idea what they want to do or how they go about getting a job.

​Do you know about School Leaver Programmes, Advanced Apprenticeships or even sponsored Degree programmes? Do you know about the Hidden Jobs Market or how to successfully brand and market yourself to employers (I'm not talking about CV’s here)?

​Far too many young people wait until they’ve gained their qualifications before carefully considering their career choices and how best to achieve them. This is often when they discover they’ve studied the wrong subjects and/or have not made the best use of their extra-curricular time to enhance their CV.

It is obviously true that the earlier these questions are considered the better, however there is always something to be done now.

Young people often limit their opportunities by what they believe to be true with regards to certain jobs, careers and the salaries that are available. Whilst it is always the young person's choice to make, through coaching sessions I strive to ensure they have an understanding of how the job market works and make sure they have considered other things, such as job satisfaction, company/young person fit, availability of company training and ways of working - considerations that are often dismissed without a moments thought. 

​I can support young people from ages 16-30 with considering the options, planning and making decisions about further education, training or employment, such as: 

  • Full and part-time work

  • Voluntary, work experience and Internships

  • Intermediate/ Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships plus supported Apprenticeships

  • School Leaver Programmes

  • Sponsored Degrees

  • Traineeships

If you would like to support your children to make effective career decisions, I offer careers information, guidance and coaching as a bespoke package to meet their needs.