• Caroline Papp

Why do 1 in 4 Employers Discriminate Against Disability?

A very interesting article written in @People Management by @Emily Burt describes how One in Four Employers would not hire someone with a disability.

On the one hand it is an article that makes for rather depressing reading but on the other offers up huge potential for positive change.

I am sure no HR Professional, CEO, Manager etc gets up in the morning and makes it their goal to discriminate or exclude those with disabilities from their company or the jobs market. However, there is clearly a very real problem which has been highlighted in this article.

Are outdated attitudes the problem or perhaps its unconscious bias or simply a lack of knowledge and understanding about the law and different disabilities?

When there appears to be so many organisations complaining they can't find the right talent and that certain positions are really hard to fill. I say to organisations perhaps it is time to to start thinking creatively about your recruitment strategies.

There is clearly an untapped resource of potential talent out there if companies have the foresight to widen their recruitment nets and ensure their recruitment and development processes are truly inclusive and welcoming to all rather than just a select few.

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