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Caroline Papp

Career and Self-Development Coach


I've been working as a Career and Self-Development coach since 2007, when I achieved my Post Graduate Certificate in Coaching from Lancaster University and have specifically been coaching young people aged 13+ since 2010 which is when I completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Careers Guidance from London South Bank University.

I have coached hundreds of young people since then from those that are academically gifted to those that are not, those that really don't know what they want to do, to those that have lots of choices/career paths they could take.

Examples include:

  • Confused Year 9’s who didn’t know which GCSE subjects to take,

  • Disengaged Year 10/11's who weren’t motivated because they were struggling and likely to drop out (or at the very least do badly in their exams),

  • Year 13’s who don't know what kind of work they might want or be able to do going forward,

  • The 19 year old needing intensive interview help for an apprenticeship interview

  • The 21 year old who didn’t know how to market themselves properly with a CV or on Social Media,

  • The 25 year old who had completed university but couldn’t seem to get a job.


I have coached many young people (who attended mainstream education) with special educational needs and/or a disability who were receiving additional SEN support whilst at school or college.

I have also supported young people to open up, record and verbalise their aspirations for the new Education and Health and Care Plans which included career, education, social life, health and independent living.

​My coaching style is:

Professional: I always work within the Coaching Code of Ethics and Safeguarding.

Open: I will always be honest with the young person and they will know I am 100% there for them.

Relaxed: I still remember clearly all the challenges I faced at school, in college, at university and at work, which helps me to gain the trust of the young people I work with. I can put myself in their shoes and speak to them on their level, which makes them feel relaxed and comfortable enough to talk to me. 

​​Other Work Experience and Personal Background

​Prior to becoming a coach I gained extensive experience of other employment, working for a range of companies (Small to Blue Chip), in a variety of industry sectors and in a variety of roles including supervisor and management roles.


I've worked in Sales, Customer Service, Recruitment Consultancy, Human Resources (Recruitment, Training and Talent Management), Business Consultancy and abroad (Europe).

​Employment sectors I have worked in include:

  • ​Public and Private Sectors

  • Commercial Aviation Services

  • Manufacturing

  • Oil and Gas Downstream Marketing

  • Consultancy (Education, Banking, Public Body)

  • Education

  • Public Relations

  • Recruitment

  • Retail

  • Travel and Tourism


My varied work experience means I absolutely have the knowledge and skills to help & support young people who wish to enter the workplace. I also have business (Masters in Business Administration) and career specific qualifications (PgDip's in Human Resource Management and Careers Guidance and PgCert in Coaching) to back my experience up with the relevant theories.

​I hope this has given you an understanding of who I am and how I could help you. If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me.

M: +44 (0)7971 985263


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