Get job search smart with Career Coaching

Helping job seekers with differences to find great jobs with supportive employers! 

I'm Caroline, a fully qualified Career Coach with more than a decade of experience of helping people find their passion whilst supporting them to successfully reach their career goals.

My previous experience of working in agency recruitment and corporate HR recruitment means I can give you the low down on what recruiters are really looking for and the key top tips to help you stand out from the crowd in order to get the job you want.

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Warning!!! Career Coaching can seriously benefit your life!


  • If you think that Career Coaching is just about someone helping you put a CV together or getting you to practice interview questions, you could not be more wrong!

  • Coaching with me will give you so much more. You’ll be taken on an inspiring, motivational & empowering journey of self-discovery.

  • Yes we will cover the basics such as helping you create a powerful CV, covering letter, perhaps even a LinkedIn page that will make recruiters want to talk to you if that is what you need. However, I will also help you to really understand yourself (your skills, talents, motivations, beliefs) which are the value you will bring to any future employer. 

  • We will work on developing the key employability skills (a.k.a. the transferable skills) that employers want to see in applicants and focus on reducing any anxieties you may have so when it comes to the interview stage you will be able to confidently get the key information across they need to hear and make a great impression.

  • By understanding yourself & your talents better; by learning what industry sector & work might suit you best; and learning how to make yourself relevant to the positions you are applying for PLUS being able to present and sell yourself powerfully; your confidence in what you can offer will grow. 


  • As your coach I will fully support you and keep you motivated and on track to finding work you enjoy.

  • I will help you establish a career path rather than just finding a job & I will work with you to create a robust plan that will help you find suitable employers and apply for training and jobs.

  • What will be expected from you? Well, you will need to focus on your goal, maintain an open mind and show a willingness to step out of your comfort zone (just a little).

  • Career coaching can be helpful during every career transition no matter your age, experience or profession.  However, it can be especially beneficial for disabled job seekers struggling to get onto the career/work ladder. Together we will push past any barriers that may be holding  - anything from not having the right skills, qualifications or work experience; having low confidence levels or social anxieties through to managing unhelpful recruitment processes or employers with a lack of understanding about disability.

  • Together we will forge ahead to get you the career you deserve.

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Personalised career advice and guidance will give you the right support, both job & industry sector information plus workable strategies for a successful job search. 


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Coaching works best when you trust the person who is supporting you and you know they have got your back.

So please either click below to find out more about me and how my expertise can really help you to beat the competition or contact me directly and we can have a chat about your circumstances and discuss how career coaching can help you achieve your work goals.

I have tried to provide you with information I think could support you with your job search.

Please see my FAQ's; my 'supportive' employer & employee video's; my blog; plus links to particular websites & other information I think may be helpful as starting points on your job search journey.