"I help my clients uncover and shine a light on their passions, skills and potential"

It is really important to me that I can help people to find and secure work they actually enjoy!

It is so important because as writer Annie Dillard famously said "How we spend our days, is how we spend our life. If the average person spends 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime, it is safe to say that your job can make a huge impact on the quality of your life".


So let's try and make informed choices about what we want to do workwise and with whom!

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My Mission

I am a passionate advocate of disability, equality and inclusion and have made it part of my mission to;

1) Educate employers on why it makes such good business sense to be an inclusive employer and how they can go about becoming one

2) To inspire job seekers with differences young and old to expect more from the jobs market. To expect a work environment where they can thrive and achieve in a career they want and deserve.

3) To help all job seekers appreciate their skills, to understand their motivations & passions and be self-assured and confident in their value.

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Your Coach

I am a fully Certified Career Coaching Professional. I have spent the last 15 years helping hundreds of people of all ages, backgrounds, qualifications and experience, find their passion, understand their talents, search for and then get a job they can enjoy and feel supported in.

Since 2010 I have focused mainly on supporting young people and adults with disabilities and/or differences to find training and employment opportunities with forward thinking, inclusive and supportive employers.

I like to work with clients in a relaxed, professionally supportive and friendly way, which I have been told again and again by my clients (even the most socially anxious ones) makes them feel comfortable, listened to and cared for. 

Other Information

  • Post-graduate Qualifications in: Coaching, Career Guidance, HR and Business.

  • Experience: Worked in Recruitment and HR for 8 years.

  • DBS Checked - you are in safe hands!

  • Registered Member of the Careers Development Institute and a Chartered Member of the CIPD.

  • I have worked with young people with Statements/EHCP's; the long term unemployed; job seekers with physical and learning disabilities, and those on the Neurodiverse Spectrum (e.g including Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Tourettes, Aspergers and ADHD).

Personal Info

  • I grew up in and around London and now live in Dorset (but my clients are based all over England).

  • I love nature and all animals great and small.

  • I regularly hike and have just got into SUP. I feel totally free when I am in and on the water.

Caroline P-106.jpg