I provide career and employability skills coaching to a range of clients of various ages, and abilities. My coaching services are always tailored to suit your individual needs, capabilities, learning styles, confidence levels and experience.

Every client I work with is unique and has different career and work goals, as well as challenges and learning styles, therefore any coaching package will be tailored to your specific requirements and be designed so that you feel supported and valued every step of the way.

The process all starts with a completely free 20 minute initial consultation (basically just a chat) which enables me to find out about you, what you wish to achieve and what you believe is stopping you from achieving your work goals.

I will then put together a Mix and Match selection of my various services, focusing on the areas where it seems you need the most help and support. The time we spent on each subject area will be tailored to your specific needs and if you find you need more coaching time we can alter your 'package' to suit.

All my coaching is carried out on a 1 to 1 basis, these days mainly either by telephone, Skype, Zoom or WotsApp-whichever suits you best. Also, if it would be more useful and if Covid restrictions allow, I can also offer in-person coaching.

There are 3 levels of coaching package from which to choose depending on the depth of transformation you want and need in order to be able to reach your career and life goals.

Packages and Prices

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Coaching is an investment for your future success. It bridges the gap between what you currently know and understand and what you need to know and understand for a successful future.

All my coaching packages focus on the understanding and knowledge you will need to get the job or career you desire.

There are 3 levels of coaching package from which to choose depending on the depth of transformation you want and need in order to be able to reach your career and life goals.

The number of coaching sessions you will need to reach your goals varies significantly from client to client. The number will depend on your starting point and current level of understanding about yourself and the jobs market, your level of capability, your confidence and motivation levels to see things through and make changes.  

The more time and effort you are willing to put into the process between our sessions such as; doing extra research, trying out new ideas, reflecting on your own learning and progress, the quicker you will achieve your goals.

Additional extra's can be purchased to help quicken your progression for example: Check in calls, email access, skills assessments, written coaching reports, advocacy, local jobs research/ search and practical outreach services to find work e.g. work experience opportunities, apprenticeships, traineeships.

Having a Coach means you are totally supported in going after your goals. A coach is someone who has really got your back and will push you when your motivation or confidence falters.

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Minimum 4 Coaching Sessions 

This package offers great value investment for you if you want to give career or life coaching a try or if you have a specific small issue you need to iron out.

Examples of ONE area you might like to focus on;

  • Discovery session to understand yourself, your values, motivations and work interests.

  • Skills Audit to understand your skills and talents in relation to work or path of study

  • Which career/jobs will suit

  • CV creation and/or review

  • Skills and jobs matching

  • Application support for a particular job

  • Specific interview preparation for a particular job

  • Finding work experience to build up experience for your CV

  • How to find supportive employers

  • Hidden Jobs Market

  • Personal branding

N.B. Every client works at their own pace. If you find that you need a few more sessions these can be added onto any of the 3 packages at the same rate as originally agreed.

I would love to have a chat to see how I can help you.



Brainstorm to Success


Minimum 8 Coaching Sessions 

This is a popular results focused coaching package for those people who want to make bigger changes within a short period of time.

  • The additional coaching sessions allows time to work on a few of the areas highlighted under the JUMPSTART package plus we can focus on & remove barriers that might be holding you back from achieving your goals.

  • If it appears that job opportunities are limited for you in your particular situation we can focus on the best ways to find or make suitable opportunities for yourself.


  • You will feel inspired and energised to move forwards with your plan of what to do and how best to do it because we will cover the key aspects you need to know in order to successfully navigate and understand today's challenging jobs market.

I would love to have a chat to see how I can help you.



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Minimum 12 Coaching Sessions

This package offers lasting transformation because it gives us additional time for you to practice your new found job search learning & skills whilst I am giving you the support you need to work through and achieve your goals.


  • We can once again cover any areas that fall under the JUMPSTART programme but we now have more opportunity to look at other areas you feel could have a major impact on your happiness and satisfaction within work and your life.

  • If you require major shifts with social anxiety or confidence then I would recommend a longer programme such as this.

I would love to have a chat to see how I can help you.